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Chinese boat during the competition

For the first time in three decades F1 poweboat racing makes a return to London

On June 17, the three-day 2018 UIM F1 Powerboat World Championships London Grand Prix came to a close. Nine top teams from 12 countries participated in the competition. A total of 19 world-class motorboat racers performed at breathtaking speeds at the Royal Victoria Dock. During the final on the day, due to the occurrence of two yellow flag incidents, players had to slow down and re-accelerate, adding to the tension in the atmosphere.

After fierce competition, Erik Stark (Maverick F1) who took the pole position in qualifying, secured first place. At the press conference after the match, Eric said that because of the wind and waves at the London stadium, other drivers were giving it their all, which placed a lot of pressure on him. However the final results encouraged him a lot.

The China Tianrong F1 motorboat team, jointly organized by China's State Sports General Administration and Tianrong Sports, won the championship of the World Championships for the third consecutive year from 2014 to 2016. In this London Grand Prix, Chinese team players Philippe Chiappe and Peter Morin scored first and second with a narrow gap between them.

Chinese team leader Chen Xiaoming said after the game that he was very satisfied with the results achieved by the team's players in such difficult track races. He explained that the length of the waters in the London stadium is 1.72 kilometers, and the elliptical track is relatively narrow. The close walls on both sides of the water caused great currents making it difficult to open. The Chinese team is currently in the world champions, and the team and the player Philip are in leading positions. There will be 5 more tournaments to participate in this year. He is full of confidence in the Chinese team's annual general performance this year.

It has been 33 years since the last F1 Motorboat World Championships were held in London's Royal Victoria Docks and the UK. Nicolo San di Germano, the global promoter of the event, expressed his joy at the return of the F1 Motorboat World Championship in more than 30 years. Nick Lo said that 33 years ago it looked very different compared to today. It is a good time to hold a match here, not only because the United Kingdom is a racing country, but also because F1 motors are part of the official event of the London Technology Week that is being held. Boat racing exhibits the highest level of technology in boating.

The F1 Jet Ski World Championships London Grand Prix is the first overseas event operated by the Chinese operator Tianrong Sports. While taking this world-class motorboat race back to London, Tianrong Sports also hopes to take this opportunity to respond to the call of the “One Belt and One Road” initiative and promote the development of East London.

Group photo of "China Day" guests

"China Day" will become F1 Motorboat London Grand Prix logo

On the second day of the race, a theme event “China Day” around the F1 Motorboat World Championships was held at the Excel Convention and Exhibition Centre of Royal Victoria Dock, adding a touch of oriental flavor to the London Grand Prix. In addition to watching Chinese costume performances and experiencing Chinese culture, Chinese and British guests also exchanged views with the Chinese team to witness the Chinese team’s winning performance. More than 50 representatives of overseas Chinese and international students attended the "China Day" event and watched the London Grand Prix, F1H2O Youth Classic and F1 Motorboat Qualifying round.

In the speech, Consul of the Chinese Embassy in the United Kingdom said that bringing such a high-level event to London is a great blessing for local Chinese and overseas Chinese, especially Chinese companies that undertake such cultural feasts. He is very happy to see bright Chinese elements in the F1 Motorboat World Championships.

Queen Elizabeth OBE, the Queen’s aide of the United Kingdom, said that she was very pleased to come to today’s “China Day” event. As Sino-British relations are at a golden age, the organizers are taking advantage of this opportunity to strengthen exchanges between the two countries in areas other than trade.

Zhu Shanming, executive chairman of the China-China Chamber of Commerce, said that this event brings together the most cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements in the shipbuilding industry. If Chinese companies are able to operate such a level of sporting event, then this is the pride of the Chinese and will help to win long-term international success.

Li Haojie, chairman of the Tianrong Group’s Board of Directors, introduced the original intention and vision of the group to host the international competition. He believes that Chinese companies are going abroad to operate the world's top events. This is a sign that China is moving from a big sport nation to a powerful sport nation. Holding a race in a world sports capital like London is a test of the ability of Tianrong Sports Events. He hopes that in the future, he can use virtual reality, e-sports, and the Internet to further enrich the sports connotation of F1 motorboats, promote the employment of young people, and promote exchanges between China and the United Kingdom.

At the F1 Jet Ski World Championships China Day, Li Haojie and Li Qiang, the UK’s deputy general manager of Nouvelles d' Europe, signed the cooperation intention of Tianrong Sports and media partner “Nouvelles d' Europe” to create the “China Day” brand. Li Haojie said that the future plan of the F1 Motorboat World Championships will be held once every year in London, and "China Day" will be the iconic official event day of the London Games, exhbibiting more abundant content.

Gambia Mambury, Minister of Energy and Petroleum Affairs of Gambia and President of the Gambia National Oil Company, also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Li Haojie. They will jointly commit to the “Belt and Road Initiative” for the interconnection of the Asian and European continents and nearby oceans.

It is reported that during the London Grand Prix, Tianrong Sports also reached a number of strategic cooperation agreements with the British Gibraltar government, Hurun Report, China Mobile UK branch and other institutions.



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